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WHY CHOOSE National Valley?

At National Valley University , we give you enough reasons to be inclined towards us. People who have been skeptical about online universities have also been convinced to enroll at National Valley University. We have achieved this feat with the help of our accredited degree programs and experienced faculty that sets high standards for our university.

Our degree, diploma and certificate programs have been planned carefully to involve students and professional into a learning experience they have not experienced before. As a consequence of our efforts, we have produced top notch graduates who have been hired by best companies across the globe for their skills and efficiency.

Students who have registered themselves at National Valley get the chance to live their life at their own pace and carry on their education in that manner as well. Through our online systems, they work together with globally acclaimed faculty, get the right to use content from the University 's libraries, increase their social circle with the help of the Alumni portal and are a part of the university that accommodates thousands of students from different professional backgrounds. Our students can continue their education at the comfort of their home or office, at any time they want. They get the opportunity to get in touch with our representatives online 24/7.

Accreditation from ACFHE is a symbol of recognition which means that National Valley University meets the international standards with regards to academic programs, faculty, admissions and support services and is hereby certified as an accredited member of these academic bodies.

  • Interact with the experienced faculty that can help out students with their industry experience
  • Have the freedom to choose from our degree, diploma or certificate programs
  • Not face any ethnic, religious or geographical boundaries; National Valley University promotes peace and harmony amongst all.
  • Have access to the career centre which looks after their job placement and future growth.


National Valley University has devised services for students and professional according to their requirements, students who enroll can take help of our alumni system. With the help of these services, students will have an easy journey with National Valley. Following are the services we provide to students.


National Valley University will not let the hurdle of finance come in way of your education. We will provide scholarships to needy and deserving students so that they can carry forward their education without any hassle.


Once the students have enrolled themselves at National Valley successfully, they will have access to a student portal through which they can manage their course content and requirements. With the assistance of this portal, students can look after any official work regarding their education, talk to faculty, administration, student counselors and even order their transcripts. We provide this service without any charge; it will serve as prime importance for you throughout your online education process. Our esteemed alumni will get the access to their dedicated alumni portal once they have graduated or qualified from National Valley University. Through this area, you may socialize with other alumni and students and suggest what improvements you would like to see at National Valley University.


This service is used by many of our students who have benefited with reduced time and cost on their applied courses. Through this service, students can get exemption for credits they have earned at other universities so they don't have to repeat what they have done already. If the students have had prior learning experience, and hold complete command over a discipline, we assure them that they will be getting credits for that too, hence more and more professionals are using this service and are being benefitted. National Valley offers this service free of charge as well.


Do not worry about the legalization of your documents if you are completing your education online. National Valley University provides apostle & embassy legalization services in your resident country. So no matter where in the world you are, we get your degrees verified by the embassy of your country so that you don't have any problems using your degree for professional purposes. We give this service at a very minimal charge; the benefits are far more than the costs.


Career Center has been established with a sole purpose of guiding students towards brilliant future and better lives.


National Valley University knows that our students and professional have a busy schedule, and that's why we have set up free consultancy system that is accessible 24/7 from any time through email, call or chat. Students can get in touch with our student counselors regarding their future growth and the career they should choose.

Learning and Development Center

The career landscape of the world is changing, and by 2030 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. National Valley University is preparing its students and alumni to get ready for the careers of tomorrow. Learning and development centre is just another initiative to help our students get the knowhow of competitive job market. So they can prepare themselves accordingly.

That's why we're teaming up with some of today's leading scholars and industry leaders, to develop career specific development tools that can give you what you need to advance in the careers of today and the ones on the horizon.

See how our career services can assist you in creating a Career Plan to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow:

Leverage Your Education with Career Strategies and Services

Career Resources

We're dedicated to empowering our graduates with the skills and support they need to take their industry by storm, whether that means quickly moving up the ranks in their current career or advancing farther in a new one. Our new suite of career advancement services leverages online tools, personalized tips for professional success and career exploration.

NVU Programs


National Valley University has been providing quality education and improving education system at the same time. National Valley University is renowned all over the world for imparting quality education to its students.

We are offering professional degree and non-degree programs that are 100% online from enrollment to graduation, admissions at National Valley are open throughout the year.

Whatever day or time of the year it is, you can enroll for your desired degree, diploma or certificate program with click ease


National Valley University is renowned all over the world for its effective teaching methods, and it is internationally accredited.

Career Center

Our career center goals are to provide you guidelines on how to start a succesful career and climb up the career ladder.

Corporate Partners

Our corporate partnerships help students to gain insights and practical experience. While our partners benefit through ideas delivered by our students.

Global Impact

Our online degree programs are available in countries globally, enabling students to attend classes that are convenient and affordable.

At National Valley University , each student is evaluated for admissions strictly on the basis of merit.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

To qualify for an undergraduate program, you must hold a high school diploma or its U.S. equivalent. In order for your application to be processed further, the following must be submitted to the University :

  • Completed application form
  • Application fee
  • Prerequisite documents (e.g. High School Diploma, Bachelor's degree)

Credit Transfer

National Valley University also accepts credit transfers from educational institutes around the world. For further assistance in this regard, please consult our Admission Officer.

Please Note:
Students applying to National Valley University must submit all required academic documents beforehand as per course requirement.

Admissions Officers

Our Admissions Officers are available to answer your questions and offer the individual support you require to make the best decision about continuing your studies at National Valley University. Our Admissions Officers will also guide you about what you can expect from us and how you can achieve the best results during your time here.

Graduate Admission Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Application fee
  • Proof of completion of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Any undergraduate major will be considered; however, prerequisites vary depending upon the major chosen. For example, you may need to have a degree in a certain discipline in order to continue studies in that field.
  • Official copies of transcripts from all other colleges or universities attended
  • Evidence of graduate potential. Special consideration may be given to applicants who show graduate potential and have considerable work experience.

Tuition & Financial Options

The expense to pursue an accredited online degree from National Valley University is much less than the cost of letting go your dreams and putting off your career goals. National Valley University not only offers professional education at a very competitive tuition fee structure but will also provide assistance in scoring a profound scholarship to further ease the attainment of your career goals. Several degree programs are available, we are sure one fits best on your requirements. At National Valley University , you shall succeed! Last year, we reported a 50% graduation rate for our bachelor's degrees and that rate is going up as more students complete their programs each term. About 88% of our master's students were employed in less than 4 months of graduation. Apply now for a professional degree program from National Valley University and pace up for a bright future ahead.

  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master's Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees
  • Diploma Programs
  • Certificate Programs
Program No.of Courses No.of Credits Eligibility Criteria Start Studying
Associate of Arts 10 60 A- Levels, High School Diploma or Equiv, education $5700
Apply Now
Associate of Arts 13 78 A- Levels, High School Diploma or Equiv, education $7400
Apply Now
Associate of Arts 16 96 A- Levels, High School Diploma or Equiv, education


University of Ca

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About UC Davis

UC Davis is the home of the Aggies — go-getters, change makers and problem solvers who make their mark at one of the top public universities in the United States.

Since we first opened in 1908, we've been known for standout academics, sustainability and Aggie Pride as well as valuing the Northern California lifestyle. These themes are woven into our 100-plus-year history and our reputation for solving problems related to food, health, the environment and society.

Our 5,300-acre campus is in the city of Davis , a vibrant college town of about 68,000 located in Yolo County. The state capital is 20 minutes away, and world-class destinations such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley are within a two-hour drive.


Welcome to UC Davis

Whether you are looking at undergraduate, graduate or professional study, we have a long tradition of helping students like you launch a rewarding career based on your experiences here. Our university has world-ranked programs that can educate, connect and inspire you.


Find Breadth and Depth of Opportunity

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding academic experience, put UC Davis at the top of your college search. Our 104 undergraduate majors and 99 graduate programs offer you the breadth and depth of opportunity to get an excellent education at one of the best public universities in the nation.

At UC Davis Research Is in Our DNA

Whether UC Davis is predicting the next global virus before it happens or developing more nutritious wheat for a hungry world, our research is making the world a better place to live. Here is where you will improve health, enrich life and help feed the world. Come to one of the top public research universities to make your mark.

The Office of Research assists our campus by cultivating relationships with government and industry, helping faculty in developing research and scholarly studies, and in coordinating the patenting and licensing of intellectual property.


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